While more cities are getting more bike lanes, the culture of bikes is growing. I’m falling in love by this wheel trend. Are you planning to switch the car for a bike or even to forget the public transport and start your day with a bike ride?
Here are some ideas to start and at the end beautiful portraits from dayone.


(left to right, top to bottom light, pannier, bicycle, reflective key charm, bell, frii bicycle, basket, helmet, trouser cuff)

Bicycool by styleboulevard at

And here are the pictures from dayone:

Enquanto algumas cidades estão a construir mais ciclovias, a cultura das bicicletas está a crescer. 

Estou a apaixonar-me por esta tendência. Estão a planear trocar o carro por uma bicicleta ou esquecer os transportes públicos e começar o dia com um passeio de bicicleta?
Aqui estão umas ideias para começar e no final lindas fotografias do dayone.


  1. Great post and great collection of pics! :)

    Thanks for your nice comment. It's a struggle putting on the 'man hat' sometimes, I can do it with gadgets, cars, motorbikes and football... but not really with clothes, I'm always drawn towards the beach bum look... haha


  2. Oh adoro bicicletas!

  3. That first bike is perfect. I'm looking at buying a bike but I want a really sweet one like that one!